Metal Cylinder Gas

Metal Cylinder Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is made of fully processed metal with all the required treatment and protection coating. These cylinders are made in Nepal under the national standard basis while others are directly imported from India with ISI (Institute Standard of India) labeled.

From the production date, these cylinders are required Statutory Testing and Painting (ST& P) after 10 years and need to retest after 5 years simultaneously.

Rapti Gas cylinders are 100% tested and made sure about the liquid volume limit which indicates all the cylinders are ready to use personally or commercially by taking care of certain precautions and safety measures.

Fully filled cylinders come with Polymer Safety Caps which make the cylinder top whole safe from physical damage or interruptions.

These cylinders are confirmed their weight as 14.2 kg. and are printed on their body as “Rapti Gas”