About Us

Rapti Gas Udhyog Pvt Ltd was established in 2008 AD (2066 BS). The RGU embarked on a journey to solve rising problem of the inaccessibility of cooking gas making life convenient of the western region people. Covering area of 1,56,006 sq ft, the company holds manufacturing plant at Satbariya, Lamahi and ensures the world class quality designs, equipment and operations in the plant. The company has 2 bullets holding 100 MT LPG(liquified petroleum gas), can produce 2200 cylinder per day with 4500 cylinder stock capacity.

RGU ensures easy accessibility of LP gas at the consumers' doorstep at the right moment with distribution system consisting of over 160 dedicated dealers covering from Kapilvastu(Taulihawa, Chandrauta, Krishnanagar), Pyuthan(Bijuwar, Khalanga, Vingri), Rolpa(Liwang, Sulichour, Holeri), Dang( Deukhuri, Ghorahi, Tulsipur and to their communities ), Rukum, Salyan(Khalanga, Kapurkot), Surkhet, Banke(Kusum,Kohalpur), Bardiya(Bhurigaun, Jayanagar) to Kailali(Lamki, Bauniya, Tikapur).

RGU's plant is fully built in Nepal Standard with manual system having best storability and transportability. Every single cylinder goes through weight test, water deep dive test and valve test for any leakage or weight issue resulting in clean, green, efficient and convenient product. Weekly repair and maintenance of each and every part of plant has made RGU one of the trustworthy companies of western region. The company has a consumer-focused stake making RGU an extravagant company among LPG companies.